Breastfeeding is the normal
natural way to feed infants and
it affords protection to both
infant and mother.

Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition Mission Statement:
The mission of the Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition is to
facilitate a community and statewide landscape that
protects, supports, and promotes breastfeeding
as the biological norm for a healthier Idaho.
Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition Vision Statement:
There are no obstacles to breastfeeding in Idaho.
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently released the 2013 Breastfeeding Report Card and Idaho leads the nation in 3 of the 5 breastfeeding measures:
91.8% Ever breastfed
74.5% Breastfeeding at 6 months
60.3% Exclusive breastfeeding at 3 months
Idaho is 2nd in the nation in the other 2 breastfeeding measures:
45.5% Breastfeeding at 12 months (Oregon is first at 52.3%)
27% Exclusive breastfeeding at 6 months (California is first at 27.4%)
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that mothers breastfeed for 12 months, and the World Health Organization recommends
breastfeeding for two years. More than 90% of mothers breastfed in the hospital.


There is increased risk of ear infections, diabetes, obesity, SIDS in
infants who are not breastfed. Not breastfeeding is also linked to a
decrease of 5-10 points IQ. There is increased risk of breast cancer
and ovarian cancer in mothers who do not breastfeed.

My baby is now 100% breastfeeding on both side and she is not using the nipple shield and refuses to take a bottle. Thanks for all the help with breastfeeding.
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When the hospital found out I was still breastfeeding my 22 month old son they were so excited. They encouraged me to breastfeed frequently while he was in the hospital with RSV.

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